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Trade and Investment Promotion Africa (TIP Africa) is a trade and investment facilitation company with a special focus on support for entrepreneurs in international trade by taking them to key overseas markets and showcasing their capabilities to potential buyers, investors and trading partners. . We support investors, multinationals, and key stakeholders within and outside Africa to advance their trade and investment goals, by providing an array of services and programs.

Structure of TIP Africa Summit

A trade and investment summits typically involves: 

  • Market analysis to identify the most advantageous trading opportunities.
  • Pre-mission identification of potential foreign partners.
  • A pre-mission briefing.
  • Arrangement of 1:1 business/prospect meetings by the Council for attendees.
  • Welcome briefing held upon arrival in the destination country.
  • In-country seminars on export/import procedures, partnership options, market opportunities, methods of payments, distribution practices and latest trends.
  • A meet and greet between summit attendees and foreign prospects  (group presentations / 30 minute presentations by each attendee to a larger audience).
  • Pre-arranged 1:1 meetings with attendees and their pre-arranged prospects.
  • City tour(s).
  • Business site tour(s) – (where applicable).
  • End of mission group re-cap.
  • Follow-up with prospects.

Benefits of Participating in Trade Missions

Benefits includes : 

  • Most trade summits will include meetings with senior level government officials in industry relevant ministries.
  • Ability to meet other firms interested in the same market.
  • Synergies are often created between trade mission participants through their sharing of market information and valuable networking.
  • Opportunity to participate in pre-arranged group meetings, site visits and in-country briefings
  • Networking events to engage with local business people and clients.
  • One-on-one appointments: Appointments are scheduled by TIP Africa’s trade specialists for mission delegates to meet with potential overseas buyers.
  • Media coverage of the mission.
  • Logistical assistance from summits manager and support/advice on markets.
  • Inclusion in TIP Africa’s email marketing, presentations and brochure(s) (circulated in advance of summits).
  • Assistance with travel arrangements through appointed travel agent.
  • Shared logistical costs (for example, brochures, transport, etc).
  • A chance to network and exchange information with other missioners.
  • Fully supported by in-country offices and partner organizations.

Great opportunity to meet significant people from jurisdictions you are most interested in.